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Because I don’t like such things to be in my life… and I know you’ll call it nonsense and stupid.

(Almost interrupts with a firm tone) Such means?!

… You have no control over their durability, length, intensity… or even existence!

Or maybe it’s the unpredictability of it that amazes people?

I’m not of that PEOPLE! Such things can get over me and have the throat of my life in their grasp!

What if the opposite happens? What if it lasts and brings you heaven?

The other side is the darkest hell! I can’t guarantee that I’ll love you or anyone or anything I currently love, as much forever myself! How can I expect it from you?

You let go of the heaven because of the scare of hell? Then you have thirst for power over everything in your life? How is that possible? What is actually certain? Show me the eternal bliss you’re looking for on earth! Can you guarantee the durability of your health, job… ?!

No! But about this one, I can choose not to have it at all! I prefer not being anywhere, hell or heaven, and avoid my heart, soul, and life being dragged…

How do you know if it’s gonna be dragged? Maybe it lasts a lifetime and changes everything forever…

See? MAYBE! Statistics don’t work well for me! Say 99% and the 1% worries me… I know what you mean… it just doesn’t work for me… it’s my own problem… perhaps nothing wrong with anything else…

(Whispers) … Doesn’t work well for the one who deserves it most…

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No. 12 «Rumi | From ghazal No. 633»


“When my pain overflew and became fraught, I pilgrimed in Love

Oh God, how much bliss and felicity this journey brought me”

Original text:

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Haafez / Hafiz, Poems

No. 10 «Haafez | From ghazal No. 231»


“I said that I will barricade your thought from the road of my sight

Said: It is a bandit, it will come through another way”

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No. 9 “On The Meaning of Life”

Once, a stranger approached Will Durant – the well-known philosopher – saying he was going to end his own life unless Durant could give him a reason why he shouldn’t. In other words, he demanded a reason to live and keep going. Durant tried his best by suggesting him all he could think of at that moment, but the stranger was not convinced. This experience caused Durant wonder about the answer. He sent a letter to 100 celebrated-contemporary individuals, asking them: (You can read the full letter at the end of this post.)

Will you interrupt your work for a moment and play the game of philosophy with me?

What is the meaning or worth of human life?

Spare me a moment to tell me what meaning life has for you, what keeps you going, what help — if any — religion gives you, what are the sources of your inspiration and your energy, what is the goal or motive-force of your toil, where you find your consolations and your happiness, where, in the last resort, your treasure lies.

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No. 7 “Poems”

Through all these days of my life, there have been times when I felt fed up, angry, anxious, lost, and disturbed. I felt like there was no way to explain these deep, complicated tensions and I did not even feel like explaining it. Bottling them up was also very difficult. I wished there was something that worked like a sympathizer, a real one, who was just as hurt or thoughtful as me so that I would know I was not the only one. Moreover, I wanted it to know what is going on inside of me without demanding me to talk! I wanted it to know whatever was going on inside of my heart without me saying a word! It still surprises me to say, but I found it! Continue reading “No. 7 “Poems””